U.S. Congressman Moran Congratulates Shen Zhou International Film Festival

Image: U.S. Congressman James P. Moran (U.S. Federal Government Website)

The 2014 Shen Zhou International Film Festival was held at the Angelika Film Center  on July 22,  2014.  On the same day, Shen Zhou Film Studio celebrated it’s 8th anniversary. Shen Zhou Film Studio also received a congratulatory letter from Congressman Moran for the special occasion.

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Audience Feedback: “Shake the World” and “Forever” are Profound and Touching

2014 Shen Zhou Film Festival-A4 Poster-06_RGB_smallerOn July 22nd, Shen Zhou International Film Festival was held at the Angelika Film Center. Four films, including movies and documentaries, about cultivation stories of Falun Gong practitioners were shown. The first movie “Shake the World” revealed the brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners who cling to their beliefs and stand up for their convictions in mainland China. The second movie “Forever” tells the true story of a young practitioner’s mental and physical changes after practicing Falun Gong. However, he was killed one day before his wedding, leaving behind his grieving fiancée and parents.

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Stories Behind of Scenes – Director Interviewed At Shen Zhou International Film Festival


Image: Hong Wei said, “I hope that through watching these films, the audience members can get close to Falun Gong practitioners, to their lives and their inner realms, and come to understand why Falun Gong practitioners have taken the path of clarifying the facts.” read more

Shen Zhou Film Festival Second Show: “Forever”,the audience moved to tears

Audience_Forever_smaller2014 Shen Zhou International Film Festival is held on July 22 at the Angelika Film Center. All of the films are showed on the film festival are about Falun Gong practitioners’ stories. They include “Shake the World,” “Forever,” “Awakening,” and the documentary “The Story of Two Artists.” The second screening, “Forever,” was shown at two o’clock in the afternoon. Many of the audience had tears in their eyes and even hugged the staff, thanking them for showing the film.

Image: Mr. Marco Rojas and his mother. (Photographer: Ziqing Su/The Epochtimes News Paper)

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