Audience Feedback: “Shake the World” and “Forever” are Profound and Touching

2014 Shen Zhou Film Festival-A4 Poster-06_RGB_smallerOn July 22nd, Shen Zhou International Film Festival was held at the Angelika Film Center. Four films, including movies and documentaries, about cultivation stories of Falun Gong practitioners were shown. The first movie “Shake the World” revealed the brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners who cling to their beliefs and stand up for their convictions in mainland China. The second movie “Forever” tells the true story of a young practitioner’s mental and physical changes after practicing Falun Gong. However, he was killed one day before his wedding, leaving behind his grieving fiancée and parents.

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“Forever” Plays Upon My Heart-Strings

I had been waiting for new films from Shen Zhou Film Studio and finally found a trailer. After opening the link, I was greeted with poetic images and fresh music. As the melodious notes played upon my heart-strings, an indescribable inspiration welled up in me, as if tears were flowing deep in my heart. read more