Series Report Number One: All Strata of Japanese Society Celebrate Shen Zhou Festival

On July18th,2009, near Zhudi Station of Tokyo, a striking big green poster with Japaenese letters caught people’s attention. On it was written,”The Third Shen Zhou International Film Festival”. The theater packed a full house. At 10am in the morning,two emcees solemnly announced that the festival was officially started.

Korean organizer Li Dongxun who is also a representative of the Second Shen Zhou International Film Festival made a special trip just to express his congratulations. He said that in the second film festival which was held last year in South Korea,the audience came away with a new understanding of human rights and that he also received support from all levels of society. Because of that film festival, people had a realization which was, the brutal persecution of Falun Gong still exists in Mainland China. The protection of human rights is a worldwide value and hopes we can all work together to achieve this goal.

Speech of Korean representative of the Second Shen Zhou International Film Festival Li Dongxun
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“Forever” in Heart: The Third Shen Zhou International Film Festival

【Shen Zhou News, July 19th, 2009】 The Third Shen Zhou International Film Festival opened today in Tokyo, Japan. Among the seven films exhibited, “Forever”, as the newest tour de force of Shen Zhou, made its debut and deeply touched the audience. Public awareness of the CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong was further raised by this movie.
Congressman of Tokyo, Tuwu Jingzhi, attended the festival and expressed his persistent concern about the persecution of Falun Gong in China. He said human rights have no boundaries, that voters should also judge a candidate also by his attitude to human rights and the status quo against human rights in the neighboring big state should not be ignored. read more

Shen Zhou International Film Festival in Japan –Forever premiers on July 18th

The Third Shen Zhou International Film Festival will take place on July 18th in Tokyo, opening with the premiere of “Forever”, produced by Shen Zhou Film Studio. The festival opener is a drama based closely on a recent historical event, which could read as a remaking of the Chinese tale of injustice and ultimate rectification known as “Snow in June” if not for the true-to-life content of the storyline. “Forever” is a contemporary love story set against a backdrop of the real-life conflict between the Chinese Communist Party’s mandatory control of the Chinese media and young people willing to sacrifice for a life that they feel is worth living for. It also directly addresses human rights issues in China that Mainland Chinese productions have been under extreme control regarding.The director has expressed that she hopes this movie encourages all young people just beginning to make their way in the complex society of China.

From 10am to 9pm on July 18th, the Shen Zhou Film Festival will feature eight films in addition to “Forever”, including special screenings of films by the host Studio and a selection of winners and honorable mentions from Shen Zhou Film Contest. It will be nine scenes totally.

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Films of the Third Shen Zhou International Film Festival

Yuan Jian

The Third Shen Zhou International Film Festival held on July 18th in Tokyo will feature eight films spanning four categories. Together with the premiere of Shen Zhou’s “Forever”,film buffs will have a chance to see nine offerings, including festival winners.Today, the committee of Shen Zhou Film Studio officially publicized the categories of the films that will be shown on the Festival.

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