Special Interview: Fa Zi , the hero of Forever

In one of the most touching scene of Shenzhou Film Production Company’s new movie, “Forever,” the leading female character, Jing Yuan, stands by the sea, smiling despite her sadness. Hopeful, she says, “I wish I would have never grown up.” Our reporter interviewed the young Dadao Fazi, a Japanese student and actress, who plays Jing Yuan in “Forever.”

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Special Interview: Ye Yuan, the hero of Forever

Reporter: When did you come across this story?

Ye Yuan: I received the script in the spring of 2008. When I finished reading it, it was one or two o’clock in the morning, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I read it again. I remember I read it three times that night. I was really moved by my character’s kindness, and, more importantly, his selfless generosity. Yongcheng’s story is actually inspired from a real person, Zhigang Zuo. I heard about him a long time ago. I felt that although I never suffered as much as he did, and I am younger and more inexperienced than he was, there is common ground between us. We both believe in truthfulness, compassion and tolerance. So even though there were great challenges in playing this role, I was confident, because my heart could connect with it. read more

“Forever” plays upon my heart-strings

Qin Xin

Download Forever Trailer
I had been waiting for new films from Shen Zhou Film Studio and finally found a trailer. After opening the link, I was greeted with poetic images and fresh music. As the melodious notes knocked upon my heart-strings, an indescribable inspiration welled up in me, as if tears were flowing deep in my heart. I could not tell the source of the inspiration, until the word “forever” appeared at the end of the film. I remembered the caption at the beginning of the film that said, “Adapted from a true story from Zhigang Zuo”. This was a name familiar to me, since I had seen it on a Falun Gong practitioner’s exhibition board many times. What did he experience that made his life worthy of a movie? With this question, I found a lot of articles about him on www.minghui.ca. This time, my tears welled up like a spring. read more