“Forever” plays upon my heart-strings

Qin Xin

Download Forever Trailer
I had been waiting for new films from Shen Zhou Film Studio and finally found a trailer. After opening the link, I was greeted with poetic images and fresh music. As the melodious notes knocked upon my heart-strings, an indescribable inspiration welled up in me, as if tears were flowing deep in my heart. I could not tell the source of the inspiration, until the word “forever” appeared at the end of the film. I remembered the caption at the beginning of the film that said, “Adapted from a true story from Zhigang Zuo”. This was a name familiar to me, since I had seen it on a Falun Gong practitioner’s exhibition board many times. What did he experience that made his life worthy of a movie? With this question, I found a lot of articles about him on www.minghui.ca. This time, my tears welled up like a spring. read more