“Forever” Plays Upon My Heart-Strings

I had been waiting for new films from Shen Zhou Film Studio and finally found a trailer. After opening the link, I was greeted with poetic images and fresh music. As the melodious notes played upon my heart-strings, an indescribable inspiration welled up in me, as if tears were flowing deep in my heart. read more

“Forever” Premieres in Taiwan

【Shen Zhou Special Report】 Shen Zhou Movie “Forever” will premiere in Taiwan at the Taiwan National Central University on Dec. 30th. With the theme of “21st Century, The Truth You Must Know”, there will be a total of seven screenings for “Forever” and “Shake the World”, to welcome in the New Year.

These are true stories that occurred in Shijiazhuang City of Hebei Province, China.

They are tragic stories, in which Falun Gong practitioners, people who believe in Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance are brutally persecuted by the Chinese Communist regime.

These are stories of compassionate deeds and noble conviction, which will “Shake the World, Forever”.

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Serier Report Number Two: “Forever” & “Shake the World” Stun Film Lovers

After the opening ceremony of The Third Shen Zhou Film Festival, the audience was captivated by it’s most recent film. In a scene from “Forever” the music was calm and penetrating while the bride wearing a white wedding dress was gently running from a distance through a winding path of snow in the month of June. It was very quiet in the assembly room. A simple story but vivid life details had the audience laughing at times. However, during the course of the story, they couldn’t help but to shed tears. After the film, there was a very big applause for that. Because of the limited seats in the theater, many watched the film by standing.

Director and actors meet with audiences
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