The Film Shaking the World Shown in Tokyo Electric University of Japan

On January 18, 2008, the movie Shaking the World, an epic historical film produced by the Shen Zhou Film Studio, was shown at the Tokyo Electric University of Japan as part of a world tour. It is a Chinese film with Japanese subtitles. The teachers and students in the audience were deeply shocked by the terrible historical events in the movie. Many Chinese viewers said that they would withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

The plot of Shaking the World was adapted from real people and real events in China. It depicts the CCP’s ruthless campaign to suppress and persecute Falun Gong practitioners. In simple and calm manner, it describes the world-shocking 1999 Beijing Press Conference organized by a number of Falun Gong practitioners. The film does not have forceful rhetoric, but the wisdom, persistence, compassion and generosity of the characters portrayed in the film moved the audience’s souls deeply.

Some Japanese viewers said that they were heartbroken after learning about the cruelty of CCP police. They said that in Japan, a country strictly ruled by law, the police is a symbol of justice; the police protects people and does not—and dares not—beat people. The cruel behavior of Chinese police shows plainly that the CCP disregards people’s lives—a cruelty that should be despised and spurned by all.

At the film screening, more than ten Chinese viewers withdrew on the spot from the CCP and its affiliated organizations to support Falun Gong practitioners’ effort to stop the persecution as early as possible.

On January 25, the film Shaking the World was broadcast for the second time at the Tokyo Motor University. According to the Shen Zhou Film Studio, Shaking the World has been translated into five other languages, including Japanese, Korean, German, Russian and English. These versions all are available on the website of Shen Zhou Film Studio: 2008-9-6 14:07